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Artist Statement

My work is a visual expression of my inner life, an emotional archeology often revealing itself in hidden and uncovered layers across a variety of mediums. As a highly visual person with a long career in photography and photojournalism, I process the world around me through the image.

My work focuses on the natural world with an eye toward the abstract and an organic palette with an emphasis on materials such as rusted metals, plants, handmade papers, books, and other found objects. My work often features a throughline of hidden meanings - nothing is as it seems. I rely deeply on my artistic process to reveal what each piece wants to say and allow my viewers to interpret my work freely.

About The Artist

Patricia was born in Oakland California and grew up in Los Angeles. She received her degree at San Francisco State University where she studied Photography and Liberal Arts.

Patricia worked for two decades as a commercial photographer and a photojournalist which has influenced the work she creates today. She is a collector of imagery. There isn't a day that goes by that she is not photographing something or drawing, painting, or doodling.​ Her work has been published and exhibited both nationally and internationally. She has won many awards and participates and volunteers in several groups. She also teaches classes in photography.

Professional Memberships


International Encaustic Association

Women in Photography, Northern California

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (a member of the exhibition team)

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