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"San Rafael artist uses collages to deconstruct racism and misogyny."

By Colleen Bidwill, MarinIJ, Feb 17, 2021

"Mixed-media artist Patricia Leeds deconstructs last century’s advertising in her latest series of works."

By Charlie Swanson, Pacific Sun, Feb 3, 2021

"US based fine art and collage artist Patricia Leeds, works in a range of mediums - encaustic, oils, book art, and photography. Her collage series 'Just for the Record' examines and reflects upon the influence and damage that advertising has had and continues to have, on our society and as individuals."

Inspirational Arts Magazine 46, Feb 2021

"Patricia Leeds Uses Collage to Deconstruct Whiteness and Patriarchy"

By Ric Kasini Kadour, Kolaj Magazine, Jan 2021

"Patricia Leeds creates mixed media and encaustic works filled with texture, contrast and light."

Artsy Shark, Jan 13, 2020

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