This is the series “Just for the Record,”.  Using advertising copy from the past and collaging it with book parts, it calls up the attitudes of racism, sexism and the influence of big business inherent in advertising – all of them geared toward white men, who at the time were the people most likely to have the money to be the consumer. 

I began this project last year after I discovered a book called Mid-Century Ads. I was flabbergasted at the blatant misogyny, racism, xenophobia and disregard for our planet all presented in the advertisements. This was my parents’ generation and I began to understand the influence it had on society at that time and the legacy it gives us today.

At the time I discovered these ads, I was creating collages made from discarded books from the same time period and thought that setting these ads in their historical context by juxtaposing them with pieces from books from the same time period would allow the past and present to coexist.

There are still echoes of this sort in advertising today. While these pieces have an element of play to them, I think it is important that we recognize the past was not as innocent as some would have us believe. All collages are 11x14 inches.

This work is represented by Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley, CA

This work was profiled in Kolaj Magazine, Issue #31